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A Haircut

By Bud Lemire

I need a haircut, my hair's getting long
Give me a violin, and I'll play you a song
Don't need it too long, don't need it too short
Just make it look good, because I'm a good sport
I notice it's turning mostly gray
Be nice to me and cut that away
Guess that would leave me bald at that
So leave the gray hairs, where they're at
Cut gently around each ear
No blood, no need to fear
On the eye brow, don't take off too much
I like it full, so just a light touch
If you see the hairs that are up my nose
Be careful where your finger goes
Don't need the bangs, I part my hair to the right
Hold up the mirror, I'll take in the sight
On the floor, I see all my hair
Did you leave any hair up there?
Turn my chair so I can see
Oh yes, it still looks like me

©Feb 22, 2006 Bud Lemire

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