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Immortal Our Soul

By Bud Lemire

Someone once asked me, why do people pass
Just think if they didn't, there'd be quite a mass
You think it's bad now, think of it everyday
People would be getting in each other's way
I can give my own answer of why
That we as people, all have to die
Mortal are the bodies, while we are here
Aging and changing, so we can see clear
We come alive, our Earthly life anew
To let our spirits, guide us through
A school of knowledge, completed at the end
Our souls in a class, we all must attend
Immortals our souls, we learn through limited time
What it means to be mortal, redefining divine
Many come into their bodies, with their memories erased
Searching for the where, their soul was placed
Only parts of the truth will be felt and be known
Until you search deeper, until it's your life you own
It'll be revealed, in the course of events
And when you have passed, it'll all make sense

©March 30, 2006 Bud Lemire

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