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Thank You, Butterfly

By Bud Lemire

A butterfly crossed my path today
While riding my bike along the way
It took time to do a little dance in the air
To let me know it wasn't a leaf I saw there

To me, the butterfly is a special sign
Given to me, a gift from the divine
To let me know the spirits are all around
And if you look, they can be found

So many people never take time to see
All that so many things can be
You must look, and you'll see more
And there'll be so much more in store

Life won't be the same, once you know
To see what's felt, deep in the soul
The beauty not seen to the eye
Will help your spirit to fly

Thank you butterfly, for coming my way
And dancing for me, on this Spring like day
I shall always welcome your presence here
To know and feel the spirits are near

©April 15, 2006 Bud Lemire

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