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Old Timer's Song

By Bud Lemire

I know you're disappointed, in what your body has become
There's a time limit of their usage, until our life is done
They are open to many things, such as a disease
Until our souls take flight, into a life of ease

Sagging skin, with wrinkles there
Graying and the loss of hair
Losing sight, or hearing's gone
Just another Old Timer's Song

Use a cane, so you can walk
Had a stroke, and can not talk
Now it's hard to tie your shoe
Wonder what you're going to do

Don't lose hope through all your pain
Our souls will leave, our bodies remain
No more hurting when the time has come
Back to the place where you came from

Don't give up, there's always hope
To help you through, to help you cope
And when your time is finally here
You'll leave this world, no pain, no fear

©April 19, 2006 Bud Lemire

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