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To Remember

By Bud Lemire

To remember, is to be again
Part of the one, with God as your friend
Back as a member, again with God
Spirit rejoicing, while inside your bod

Remembering who you use to be
Your spiritual being before the body
Life is anew, a forgotten past
The human body is not meant to last

Go forth in this world, learning a lesson
God's always with you, and gives you his blessing
The path set before you is the one you made
Never lose hope, you'll get a passing grade

Awake from your sleep, remember and know
The part of yourself that's known as the soul
You created this world set before you
And forgot all the things that you once knew

To remember, is to set your soul free
Open yourself, to experience each ability
The knowing to feel, the feeling to know
The clarified gift, that'll help you to grow

©April 20, 2006 Bud Lemire

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