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By Mary E. Adair

June 2006

June, June, June...hmmm, doesn't have quite the same ring as "Judy, Judy, Judy," does it. Nonetheless it is a month well loved, and known for love's happy beginnings...the bride's month. But once those nuptials are over, thoughts turn to more serious subjects, often Life itself, and not surprisingly, this issue is filled with life titles. For instance, LC Van Savage's article has her pondering about "My Life Saved; Waiting To Find Out Why."

Bud Lemire has three poems with Life names: "Life's Circle," "Life's Walk," and "The Life You've Made." His other three poems in this issue are: "Right From The Start" (beginning of life), "Kundalini" (enhancing your life with spiritual awakening), and "The Dandelion's Song" (illustrated) which is a comparison to our lives.

John I. Blair reminisces about life in "1938," recognizes no change when life attains age "65," shares a pessimistic viewpoint of other's lives in "Life Class," celebrates a new life with "Palanquin," and builds a delightful intention in life based on his pet's actions, "KimKim Walks By Herself," then worries about the quality of life in the city, "There's An Air Pollution Watch Of Level Orange Today."

Bruce Clifford seeks to improve life relationships in "Help Me," and "Hold Me," then theorizes that we get the life we deserve in "You Knew You Had It Coming." Mark Crocker credits his Mum with all his life is to date in "To My Mum," and mourns the end of life of his four-legged companion, "For Butch;" while Minstrel laments what life has become in "Sinking Ship." Mary E. Adair, your editor, notes that some lives don't change much over time ("Just An Old Pirate") and that we each view life in our own way as she remembers those whose lives are over with her "Memorial Thoughts."

Columnists in this issue with their regular columns are:

LC Van Savage "Consider This" where she recalls a young stage of life and its lessons of the day.

Leo C. Helmer "Cookin' With Leo" regales us with a tale about another "cooking genius ancestor" and winds it all up with a really tasty recipe.

Eric Shackle "Eric Shackle's Column" with a taste of Australian life in poetry; and some wonderful links to follow to other exciting events. This column includes some verse by Eric's son as well.

Thomas O'Neill "Introspective" which weaves a tale in "The Significant Other" of life after death, and is romantic enough for any June agenda.

Mattie Lennon "Irish Eyes" treats us to a play with rollicking humor Irish joke style, pathos, and glimpses of life in the green isle, and ends up being a veritable feast of Irish poetry.

Gerard Meister "Thinking Out Loud" wherein the author has determined a way to solve many of the problems of the world and increase the enjoyment of life with his own little innovation.

All of these works arrived, with the similar theme of Life, synchronistically, not by invitation or pre-announced theme. Interesting, isn't it? Just another serendipitous occasion, or a display of Universal Consciousness?

So hope you find as much to enjoy and appreciate as your editor did while putting this month together. See you in

ok, enough of that!  

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