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Memorial Thoughts

By Mary E. Adair

Just before June holds sway
We honor those who've gone away
A special date, Memorial Day,
Not only for those killed in the fray.

We remember family and friends dear
And even men will shed a tear
For who can believe it's another year
Since those dear ones were still here.

We say the prayers and bow our head
In respect for all the Unknown dead
And few can remember what was said
Listening with hearts filled with lead.

Some will reflect on happier scenes
Yet support the loved one who closer leans
And know if we ever had the means
We'd spare them the pain that today gleans.

Yet somehow together we stronger feel
And there's a comfort in the trumpet's peal
And a promise to never forget we seal
Within our heart, as we reverently kneel.

So Ceremony surely has its place
Though tears may mark many a face
We know we still have time to race
With a bit of care and a lot of God's grace.

©May 29, 2006 Mary E. Adair  

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Comment: This poem hits home today, especially. My husband, a Marine with three tours of duty in Viet Nam beneath his belt, and I bowing heads in prayer for the grandson who left for Fort Benning, Georgia today. Thank you for this. M



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