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Right From The Start

By Bud Lemire

We make a chart
Right from the start
Then through life, we fill our cart
And hope that it won't fall apart
How many times has one step forward lead..
. two steps backwards instead
That's no way to get ahead
Like spending the whole day in bed
We move in time, with all that's here
Overcoming obstacles, until they disappear
We ascend in growth, with all we learn
And take on what comes, at every turn
Then there are times when nothing will be
A time to search inside yourself and see
A place of peace for you to know
In time you'll see which way to go
Don't ever think you're in the wrong place
It was there for you, challenges to face
When you take time, to embrace the light
Right from the start, it'll be alright

©March 30, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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