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Life's Walk

By Bud Lemire

Through our losses, and through the pain
It's love we learn, it's strength we gain
To carry on, to the roads end
Through every twist, and every bend

The cold wind may blow on you
But the sun will shine and help you through
Your feet will be sore, and they will tire
Yet there are many people, who'll you'll inspire

Take my hand, and we'll walk there
It'll make your life, easier to bear
Friends walk together, on the journey here
Conquering the obstacles, that cause fear

Sit and rest, and have a cup of tea
Heal your soul, let your mind flow free
You have traveled far, a life you made
The special moments, you'd never trade

Senses reeling, awareness of this
Soul is feeling, this life's kiss
A light with so much worth
Walks in human form upon this Earth

©May 24, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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