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Life's Circle

By Bud Lemire

Follow Life's Circle as you go around
Where will it take you, what will be found
Taking you back to the place you began
So it is called the story of the human
Everything collected, is left behind
Exception of course, is the soul and the mind
What you pick up and cling to your heart
On your soul journey, will never be apart
The soul goes around in Life's Circle so fast
In time with the future, the present, the past
While in the time that you know
The life that you live is moving slow
Like a sticky ball, picking up everything in sight
You keep rolling along, until you reach the light
When you arrive there, you observe all you picked up
And learned from each, as you drink from the cup
In Life's Circle, round and round you'll go
Humans on a Merry-Go-Round of the soul
You'll have ups and downs, on this carousel ride
But you'll gain so much, with spirit as your guide

©March 21, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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