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By Bud Lemire

Warm are your feet, dizzy is your head
Tingling sensation, going where you're lead
Spirit awakening, feel it traveling down your spine
Don't fear what is happening, you're part of the divine
Throat is tense, mouth has grown dry
So overwhelming, you feel you should cry
But you don't, instead you take in what you feel
Sensations through the head, until it gets to your heel
Intense feelings of the energy
Spiritual awakening, Kundalini
The snake has risen, crawling up your spine
New beginnings happening, giving you a sign
Life won't be the same, as the future arrives
You'll deeply touch others, like butter from knives
Right to the heart and soul, right to the core
Energy surrounds your spirit, you'll experience more
At the crossroads, to this world and beyond
No limitations with the people to whom we bond
Joined as one to help each other out
Kundalini awakened, to live no more in doubt

©March 23, 2006 Bud Lemire  

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