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The Dandelion's Song

By Bud Lemire

The dandelion's life, short as it seems
Compared to our's cut short our dreams
We start so new so young, so strong
To listen to the dandelion's song

Bright and yellow, its petals be
The lion's Tooth, for all to see
The beauty seen, with flowers shown
Surrounded where, the grass is grown

Just like the humans, that tread their ground
Within the right season, they can be found
Wherever there's grass, the dandelion's there
For us to enjoy the beauty, if we're aware

But like our lives, here upon the Earth
We welcome death, as our rebirth
When dandelions turn from yellow to white
The wind carries its petals to another site

And where it lands, it starts anew
Just like the human soul will do
A part of us, where our children go
Carried on the wind, it's the human soul

©May 26, 2006 Poem and Picture by Bud Lemire


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