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The Walk Of Life

By Bud Lemire

Your Walk Of Life will bring you many places
Countless people with so many various faces
Experiences that only you will know
Lessons that will help you grow
The journey of the soul and mind
So many treasures you will find
Some in the open, and some will be hidden
But only you can judge what is forbidden
What feels right for you, only you will know
And it'll guide you where your path will go
If you build your walls up too high
You'll stop the pain from making you cry
All expressions are for you to live through
Releasing emotions will evolve into a better you
Release is important, it's poisons set free
It stops all the damage inside your body
In the Walk Of Life, take care in all you do
And you'll find so many things will come through
In the Walk Of Life, treat your fellow creatures kind
And it's true spiritual love that you will find

©March 14, 2006 Bud Lemire

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