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By Mary E. Adair

Perhaps Poetry should be defined as art
You know what you like and the rest you tear apart

But time and energy do not rule the muse
If you`ve nothing to say, then simply peruse.

What offends one eye will another eye please
So let`s keep the poem an art of ease.

Succinct prose need not be nastily written
Even when one with pure rage is smitten

So enjoy the page like an empty slate
Share your thoughts with others, never wait

Dark thoughts may be clearly espressed in turn
So they will be released and the anger spurned

Besides we need to think upon what's truth today
And maybe listen to what our youth will say

And a full experience will be ours to share
Though we wonder who reads what's written there.

©May 2006 Mary E. Adair

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Reader Comments

Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Well, I wonder myself who reads what's written there as I enjoy the page like an empty slate and try to keep from being nasty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!



Name: Jim C Email:
Comment: A little prose and poetry put together nicely. I like this one Mary.



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