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By Mary E. Adair

August 2006

The year is zipping by for this writer! What a whirlwind one it has been! We have become members of the international Graypow Network of senior writers, editors, and publishers which originated in Australia. Our columnist Eric Shackle and his webmaster Barry Downs are the founders of the network and help to promote the writings of all members. So it wasn't too surprising to learn that one of our authors, columnist Thomas F. O'Neill ("Introspective") had one of his columns from here re-published in The Hawaiian Reporter.

Many of our other authors have gone on, or have continued, to produce their own books in different genre's. Some even add a line to recognize Pencil Stubs Online for helping them get started. Really, that has been our goal all along, just as it was with the magazine the Adairs did back when it was printed and mailed to seven countries and 42 of the USA states-- to encourage, promote, and assist authors.

Now we are in our ninth volume of online publication thanks to the efforts and vision of our webmaster, Mike Craner. Mike, as one of our authors in the original magazine, volunteered his services to "try and see how it would do online." Thus, not only the name, Pencil Stubs Online, but the entire website are due to his creativity. We should all give him a vote of thanks.

This issue with only ten poems (when we are usually overwhelmed with poetry) is a joy to read, and has been a pleasure to prepare. Don't misunderstand! We love the poetry and look forward to much more of it next issue, but we have had time to present a name new to our ezine, Martha J. Crowninshield O'Brien. Ms. O'Brien says Eric Shackle advised her to share her lovely story "Pinky Swear" with our readers. It can be found in the Story Section under the dedication "... to military men and women and their families." Thank you, Ms. O'Brien...and thank you, Eric Shackle!

We have the regular columnists on hand:

  • L. C. Van Savage - "Consider This"
  • Leo C. Helmer - "Cookin' With Leo"
  • Gerard Meister - "Thinking Out Loud"
  • Thomas F. O'Neill - "Introspective"
  • Mattie Lennon - "Irish Eyes" and
  • Eric Shackle - "Eric Shackle's Column"

    Six of the poems for August are by John I. Blair and present his musing about a former neighbor "Mrs. K," as well as his mom "The Other Edge Of Life," browsing through an old photo album "Two Photographs" and "Another Old Photo in The Album," marking another anniversary "Thirty Nine," and a bit of cool self analysis "Butter Would Not Have Melted In My Mouth."

    Yours truly finally remembered to put in her poem, "Perhaps," and Mattie Lennon has a behind-the-headlines tribute to "John Carthy." Bruce Clifford, our song composing poet serves up "There Was A Time," and "Eye to Eye."

    This month will see travel on the agenda once more - despite the rise in gasoline cost. Because of the timing, which extends into September, we plan to combine the two months

    September and October in one issue.
    Everyone needs to send in their Fall selections, including Halloween poetry and tales right away.

    Any special work you are doing might make a wonderful article to inform our readers. For instance, our family has gotten into searching for their genealogy records. How exciting a task, and one to enjoy together. Soon this ezine will carry an article advising how to get started on your own family history. Meanwhile, if you have good tales concerning your ancestors, consider sharing them here.

    See you in October!

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