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What Colour Will the Souls Be in Heaven?

By Mary E. Adair

(reprint of column enclosure from archived Fall issue 1999.)

What colour will the souls be in Heaven?
Which hue will the Lord truly bless?
Like mists rising, or like dewdrops,
Tinted as the rainbows we quest. . .
What colour will the souls be in Heaven
When our bodies are all laid to rest?
The Lord may not choose to have colours. . .
The Lord may be weary and sad
Of all of the fuss made 'neath Heaven
O'er the shades in which our bodies are clad...
So maybe whatever we are here below,
Will change when we go to His home...
What then of the prejudiced people?
Will they choose to stay then, or roam?
As sunlight that sparkles
'Cross the ripples of a stream,
Just prisms of Light
With no feature, nor face...
All colours-but blended...
Wholly (Holy) made a team...
Will these be the souls in that Heavenly Place?

(c)1989 Mary E. Adair

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