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Where Am I?

By Mary E. Adair

(Reprint of an enclosure from the Editor's Corner, archived December Issue 1999.)

Life has narrowed the borders around me-
Opportunities are slim.
Age accelerates time and necessity.
Still, I can call upon Him.
Whether He listens to concerns and fears-
Or, whether He hears a word-
It matters not when distress brings the tears-
The agony must be heard.
It's good to believe that Comfort exists
For any heart that's in pain;
That angels stand by, ready to assist,
Helping my sorrows to wane.
Yet, honesty tells me much is my fault,
Waiting for others to help,
And solving my problems just might halt
My cry-baby-urge to yelp.
So I'll push back borders-look for a gate,
And get myself a new goal-
Smile at the World, and set my path straight-
To put self-pity on hold.

(c)8/19/1999 Mary E. Adair

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