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An African Twilight

By LinnieJane Burks

Tonight, I see earth and the firmament
       Combine in majestic display
To show forth Godís glory and handiwork
       As dusk takes possession from day

A full, tropical moon!! Have you seen it
       As it glides quietly upward thruí space?
At the moment, it seems I could reach up
       And touch the smooth gold of its face.

The African twilight is deepening;
       The palm fronds wave gently below;
An apairoís last call, from the bush, sounds;
       Earth is bathed in the moonís silver glow.

And I stand--almost breathless with wonder,
       Because of His call, I am here.
I could have refused--But, I didnít!!
       And, suddenly, Heís near, oh, so near!

Ogbomosho, Feb. 15, 1958
©--Linnie Jane Joslin Burks  

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