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LinnieJane Burks

Though she was serving remotely as a missionary for over 30 years, Linnie Jane Burks found time to share her ebullient spirit in poetry. Much of her work reflects her love of God and family, but there are also cheerful and even comical works. She is another of the Joslin family of poets.


Type Month Year Title
Poem January 2007 An African Twilight
Poem February 2007 Getting Older
Poem April 2007 Opportunity
Poem April 2007 Reverie After Words
Poem April 2007 Failure
Poem September 2012 Two Rooms
Poem September 2012 We Hold Our Gladness
Poem October 2012 Life at Three
Poem October 2012 Measles
Poem September 2016 Twilight in Kentucky
Poem August 2017 New Home in Louisville, Kentucky
Story August 2017 My Most Unforgettable Character
Poem September 2017 Visitors to Louisville
Poem September 2017 To Mother at Stella Bullard's Death
Poem September 2018 Parents
Poem November 2018 On President Kennedy's Funeral
Poem November 2018 Snow
Poem November 2018 She Loved Me
Poem November 2018 My Work
Poem March 2019 In "Dugbe"
Poem March 2019 Marriage - Sacred
Poem May 2019 Childhood
Poem May 2019 Come Up Higher
Poem May 2019 Perseverance
Poem May 2019 Warning
Poem July 2019 Anticipation of Furlough
Poem September 2019 Get Ready to Travel
Poem December 2019 Warning
Poem December 2019 Two Thoughts on Time
Poem December 2019 My Resolution--A New Year--1986
Poem February 2020 His Way Is Best
Poem February 2020 The Old Year Dieth Soon
Poem August 2020 God Will Come Down
Poem November 2021 Life at Three
Poem January 2023 2022 The Old Year Dieth Soon
Poem January 2023 2022 My Resolution--A New Year--1986
Poem May 2023 She Loved Me
Poem May 2023 We Hold Our Gladness
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