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By LinnieJane Burks

(Previously published in Hobbies, Etc.
parent publication of
Pencil Stubs Online.}

On the street we meet those faces
Faces holding hideous scars;
Gaping wounds that are enshrouded,
Deep beneath their facial bars.
Cruel neglect has in its wake left
Stains upon a motherís soul;
From the child with listless footsteps
Dire abuse has taken toll.
Faces calm, but hearts are branded--
Wars have banished hope and dreams;
Empty arms are searching, reaching,
Minds clutch after memories' gleam.
As I greet them--these brave faces,
Shrouded lives so marred by fate,
Is there some way I can help them,
Struggle on beneath this weight.
Yes! With love, Iíll go to aid those
Passing their Gethsemane;
Wilt Thou in them new hearts create,
As I walk, Dear Lord, for Thee?

© Linnie Jane Joslin Burks,
while serving as a Missionary in Nigeria

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