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Twilight in Kentucky

By LinnieJane Burks

(Glensboro, Kentucky)

I've been watching purple twilight,
     Slip across Kentucky hills--
Quietly drop its mantle o'er each golden beam
     Straying from the lazy nodding sun,
Fast sinking in the west, Who, tho' King of day--
     Now only longs for dreams.

As the moments pass, my valley
     Gathers shadows--but their hues
Are so soft and peace invoking, that still
     Their quiet life scene lets us marvel
At their power to sooth all strife,
     For the twilight moves according to God's will.

Choosing colors, blending, flitting,
     Touching here--then on they move.
Even ripples of Salt River murmur low,
     And as the stars in shining,
Cast tranquility o'er all,
     I feel love sublime within me overflow.

©July 1946 Linnie Jane Joslin Burks

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