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Get Ready to Travel

By LinnieJane Burks

Do not lose heart,
     Tho' you're upset
And on the "bathroom trail,"
     "Tummy Palaver"
Is a common woe
     So don't you weep and wail!

That 'Lomotil'
     Will shout, "Halt --O!
Is this trip neccessary?"
     And 'Guanamycin'
Will soothe insides.
     So weak and weary.

So, rest and sleep,
     And sip that 'Coke'
(Tho' coffee would be better!)
     Board U T A
And fly away,
     But tell us all by letter.

Written to Carlene Hopkins as they prepared to leave for USA!
©Feb 8, '73 Linnie Jane Burks
Ibadan, Nigeria

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