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By LinnieJane Burks

We use the words, "I love you" a lot,
    Expressing varied feelings.
A young man wooing his beloved
    Can make them most appealing!

A mother croons "I love you, dear"
    As baby cuddles sweetly--
And patriot's cries of "Love your flag!"
    Have battles won completely!

"That dog must go!" a landlord shouts.
    And tho' all chance seems slim,
A freckled face with eyes brim full
    Speaks up--"But, Dad, I love him."

And so, you see, we say, "I love"
    To child, flag, bride or canine,
But, there's some loves I haven't touched,
    And they all others outshine!

First, love of God and love for God,
    To deep devotion calls one.
Then truly, truly next would be
    A parents love for children.

I testify this love is strong
    And that it spreads its blessings
To children good--but also seeks
    Those wayward and transgressing.

As a child I felt my Mother's kiss
    And Daddy's kind caresses.
Tho' married now--I've only gained
    New parents whose love too blesses.

I pause to think of what is mine;
    Their sacrifice sweeps o'er me!
They give their service and their love
    To one------Oh! how unworthy!

©Circa the 1940's Linnie Jane Joslin Burks

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