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God Will Come Down

By LinnieJane Burks

(Numbers 11:1-17)

The people loathed the manna.
     And looked back to Egypt's sands;
"When shall we have some flesh," they moaned,
     "Or leave this barren land?"
Continuously their whining came,"
     'Til Moses's heart did rend--
With broken words to God he prayed,
     "When will my burdens end?"

"Have I conceived this people all
     That I must on this road,
Be unto them a father wise?
     I cannot bear my load!"
He bowed--dejected--spirit crushed,
     His failure loomed so high,
But, in that hour the victory came,
     His god had heard his cry!

"Choose seventy men to come with thee,
     Your spirit with them I share,
Alone you will not have to stand,
     The burdens they can help you share.
I will come down and talk with thee."
     That voice so sweet could sorrow lift,
Sunshine of God's presence had come,
     Those clouds of deep despair to lift.

When my day is black with problems,
     Unsolved they stand, and I afraid,
Lord, may I come as Moses did--
     Humbly to Thee to cry for aid.
As bleeding, aching there I bow,
     Oh, give me hope and may I see
Thy gracious mercy as you say,
     "I will come down and talk with thee."

©circa 1970-1980 Linnie Jane Joslin Burks

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