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By Mary E. Adair

February 2007

Welcome to a new Volume of Pencil Stubs Online!

This means we are starting our 10th year with this issue. I'm delighted to say we are still gaining new readers and authors each year. Happily, some of our columnists are staying with us, and those who used to write for us know they are welcome to return when their schedules permit. Sometimes we may just carry an article by one of them, and we know our readers will be excited to see their style of writing once more.

Let's get right to what we offer as our Valentine to the readers this month! Our Columns are as follows:

    "Consider This" by LC Van Savage essaying a personal perspective on Rocks;
    "Cookin' With Leo" by Leo C. Helmer as he whomps up a Super Bowl treat;
    "Eric Shackle's Column" by Eric Shackle leading us on a tour of dogs as icons for advertising;
    "Introspective" by Thomas O'Neill who spins a sweet story;
    "Irish Eyes" by Mattie Lennon telling a good Irish tale;
    "Mike's Place" by Michael Craner, our webmaster, with breathtaking pictures of the ice storm that recently gripped his state;
    "Thinking Out Loud" by Gerard Meister sharing an ingenuous thought for solving our problems.

Three Articles are lined up for your information and pleasure: "English - Asylum For The Verbally Insane" filled with chuckles by an unknown author ;

    "Great Jobs: Chapter 2-You're Fired!" by Leo C. Helmer, the second in his series of humorous and sometimes even dangerous jobs he has held;
    and "NY Sidewalk Art" from Eric Shackle's eBook with an interesting concept in gaining public attention.

Poems, always a delight to publish, include six by John I. Blair:
"I Saw The Wood In Winter;" "If You Have Your Health;" "Real Heroes Aren't So Brave;" "The Jetties;" "The Toad;" and "Wild Turkeys." John's wife Clara, a brillian poet in her own right, has been in hospital a good part of the previous month. Though she is improving now, our thoughts and wishes go out to them for her full recovery and return to the hearthside, family (they have a small granddaughter) and pets. John took time to round up some of his work and submit it, which we truly appreciate, knowing how difficult it is when your loved one is ill. Thanks to both Blairs.

"Because of you…(I am)" and "Iron Jaw" come to us from M.J. Mansfield, a beloved friend and poet. He sometimes does poetry in a poetry club atmosphere that encourages improv rhyming and reciting. This editor would be terrified! But it makes for spontaneous work and thoughts.

"The Year of Accountability" and "Corporate America" by Bruce Clifford, our song writer/poet puts one in mind of the protest songs of the 60's - a good form when you want to make a point and also entertain.

"Writer of Kentucky Tales" is another poem by my precious grandmother, Carrie E. Joslin, who inspired many of her family to pick up pen and rhyme their thoughts. "Getting Older" is by one of her daughters, your editor's aunt, Linnie Jane Joslin Burks. Aunt Janie is the one who was a missionary in Nigeria for over 30 yrs with her dear husband, Dr. Edgar Burks. Both live in Springfield, Missouri, now which has several former missionaries as residents.

The short month of February will soon be gone, and it is a fond wish that all will spend some care and effort in making Valentine's Day special for their sweetheart. Sweethearts come in all varieties, as you know...wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, children, siblings, co-workers, classmates, teachers, webmasters, neighbors, and employers. So remember your Sweethearts!

See you in March!

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