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By Mary E. Adair

March 2007

Welcome to the new month the wind blew our way today! "It's an ill wind that blows no one any good..." to perhaps paraphrase a quote we had in school. So in February all it seemed to do was blow and freeze, and blow wintry weather around the nation. Meanwhile, 'back at the ranch' it blew warmer than usual weather into your editor's state. The leaves are bursting from their buds on the trees, though it's true the mesquites are not yet green. Old timers in the area know this means at least one more cold snap! The sunshine has been something to cherish, though inevitably, the hot weather meeting the cold head-on creates vast areas of tornadic activity. Hope everyone makes it through safely as March roars in wearing her Lion's mask.!

Help us welcome a new columnist to our ezine. David Francis joins our staff with "Dave's Here" featuring his thoughts and suggestions for the business and online world which includes pratical solutions for the computer hobbyist as well. Of course our other columnists are here as usual with

    "Consider This" by LC Van Savage which we couldn't bear to leave in the pending folder 'til next Valentine's Day: an insight offered on this fascinating author in her own words, dedicated to her own Valentine;
    "Cookin' With Leo" by Leo C. Helmer as he divulges his research into origins and recipes of Mexican or TexMex cookery;
    "Eric Shackle's Column" by Eric Shackle with another 'doggie tail, er, tale' a real expose of sorts to inspire and inform;
    "Introspective" by Thomas O'Neill relating a tale of community compassion and ingenuity;
    "Irish Eyes" by Mattie Lennon entertains us with his Irish humour;
    "Thinking Out Loud" by Gerard Meister has him getting all excited and launching his own investigative resources in the political arena.

Our webmaster and co-founder Mike Craner ("Mike's Place") is on the absentee list for March. The short month of February caught him with other chores demanding his attention. We hope he 'stirs his stumps' and gets something for you readers by our April issue.

These Articles are presented for your information and pleasure:

    "Laments? Iíve Had A Few..." by LC Van Savage stating opinions with which we totally agree;
    "Great Jobs: Chapter 3-Best Job I Ever Had..." by Leo C. Helmer, numero three in his series of humorous and sometimes even dangerous jobs he has held;
    and "3D artist to paint a 4V mural" from Eric Shackle's eBook with Seattle as the location for the project.

A half dozen verses penned by our song-writing poet Bruce Clifford include "On The Run" which sang to this one's heart. The other five are:

"Full Deck;"
"Let It Rip;"
"Mist Within The Trees;"
"Think of Me;" and
"We Took It to The Edge."

John I. Blair has only one poem this issue, "Seasonal." We again send prayers and best wishes for John's wife Clara, for full recovery. Woodspryte, returns this month with a romantic poem, "Once Upon A Time ..." and from Hobbies, Etc., parent publication of Pencil Stubs Online, four poems by Lena Carroll, your editor's mother. Written in the mid forties following WWII, she reminisced about her parents and grandparents with "Grandma Bullard," "Grandma Joslin," "My Parents," then wrote a tired mom's query, "What's Wrong??" In truth, a response to the poem "My Parents" Carrie E. Joslin, mother of Lena Carroll, sent back "I Like Texas."

One more poem, a rather sad one, with a message for those bereaved, is "Life Ebbs Away," by Bud Lemire. We have missed his work and hope to see more of it and his wonderful pictures soon.

This March ushers in one of the government's ideas on improving our schedules as it moves Daylight Savings Time backward to the 11th. Should this prove to be fruitful for our authors to render more compositions, we will be sure to share them with you in April... see you then!!

Write! Write! Write! and don't forget to send them to us!

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