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Life Ebbs Away

By Bud Lemire

(Our souls are forever, yet our time here on Earth isnít. Take the time to
appreciate the time spent together here, by always letting that someone
know how much they mean to you.)

As life ebbs away, itís easy to see
Heís not the man he use to be
His condition has left him weak and frail
A boat adrift without a sail

A loud gurgle is heard within his throat
Water is bailed in a slow sinking boat
His mindís alert, yet his bodyís too weak
Without food for strength, it becomes a bigger leak

She refuses to give up on this ship
Theyíve traveled a long journey together on this trip
She puts him first in everything she does
Unraveling thoughts of what will be, what is, and what was

A man who was so very generous and so kind
Someone like him is so hard to find
Heís lost in the aftermath of a massive stroke
Leaving him paralyzed, bodily functions broke

What do we do when life ebbs away
Carry on our best, make the most of each day
Remember life is eternal, our souls will always live
The best we can do is our time charitably give.

© February 16, 2007 Bud Lemire

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