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By Mary E. Adair

April 2007

Did you get caught on April Fool's Day with a joke or hoax? The best ones are elaborate but harmless that play with ones gullibility and knowledge. As a friend of mine says, "Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad."

Since we are releasing this issue on April one, please use your wisdom and discernment while reading. We want you to enjoy our many columns (ten this issue) and the five articles because our authors work hard at bringing interesting, applicable, and exciting compositions for your entertainment.

Our webmaster, co-founder, and dear friend Michael L. Craner rejoined our list of columnists this month and you won't want to miss "Mike's Place" for what he has to say. Mike also opened a new column, "Mail Bag" to showcase those very special subjects we receive from time to time.

Dave Francis in "Dave's Here" continues his suggestions as he has followed them for organizing your home or business office operations. Good tips! Gerard Meister broaches the question of who fills which ticket in his column "Thinking Out Loud" while LC VanSavage reflects on the Seven Deadlies and Cures in "Consider This."

Thomas F. O'Neill dedicates his column "Introspective" for April to his grandfather whose namesake he is, and it is a beautifully told and touching tale. "Eric Shackle's Column" by Shackle tells us of a St. Patrick's Celebration that lasts an entire week, but wait 'til you see where it is held.

Mattie Lennon, in his "Irish Eyes" apprises us of a fellow bus driver turned author with a hilarious book called "Open Day at the Asylum." Leo C. Helmer, who thought he'd not have time for any writing when we returned from our trip in March, shelled out a yummy Tex-Mex recipe of his own for Guacamole in "Cookin' With Leo," then added two articles: his fourth in the series of "Great Jobs" and a muse on "Democracy - Some Thoughts."

The other three articles are by LC VanSavage, Gerard Meister, and Eric Shackle. Chances are you'll want to recommend some of these to your friends. This is easy to do using the form below the particular composition you are reading without leaving the ezine. You may also add comments for the authors on the same page.

Our poets include one new to our readers, Michelle Strunk aka LoveMissy who your editor met in a lovely chat place with the stated purpose of grief relief. Compassion is the ongoing theme, but laughter heals also and the website has a spiritual ambiance. Your editor does a weekly session, "DreamTime" for dream interpretation Tuesdays at 2:30 Eastern which usually lasts a couple of hours.

Michelle's poem is titled "Random thoughts." Bruce Clifford, shares the lyrics of six poetic songs again this issue: "Cast Away Your Sin," "Circle Cloud," "If Tomorrow Decides," "Mirrors," "The Playground," and "Never Want to Let Me Go." He includes some romantic ones. So does Teresa, a returning poetess who explained she is now doing rhyming, so two rhyme, two are free verse, and all are emotional, but had to be written: "You," "Unwanted," "Long Forgotten," and "Found Rhyme Now I Need Reason."

John I. Blair submitted poetry he said he "wrote in 2005 the last time Clara was in the hospital so long." Again the romance theme is dominant with all three poems, "Coming Home To Me," "Body Memory," and "Alone, And Lonesome."

Last but not least three poems by Linnie Jane Joslin Burks, your editor's aunt who now suffers from that wicked condition alzheimer's which robs ones memories. These poems were written long ago and only slightly indicate the talent this lady was blessed with. There was no instrument she could not play; she served as a missionary in Nigeria over a 34 year period; kept daily diaries with all things recorded in detail from travel to any chores done. Her poetry was for relaxation and the joy it brought to her and others, and bless her! it still does. "Failure" tells of a child's desire unfulfilled, "Opportunity" speaks of her mission, while "Reverie After Words" speaks tenderly of a mother's love and caring.

Since it seemed our April Showers were all falling in March, let us hope for sunshine and flowers this month. After all, the Easter date is right around the corner so that bunny needs good weather to get around and hide those eggs!

We hope you find some of them! See you next month.

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