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By Mary E. Adair

Golden fingertips, and silver and pink,
And Flamboyant Red, they call it, I think.
Shaping and scraping and massaging the nails,
Then waxing it all in little plastic pails.
There are ornaments and insets galore,
Some worn up high and some near the floor,
For pedicures are in for M'Lady's toes,
And sometimes I wonder when they'll polish her nose.
Brushes all sizes, and of course, scads of files
From diamond dust to emery in neat little piles.
There's the manicure lauded as the look from the French,
Where the edges of nails are trimmed straight as a bench.
From shiny to dull to the metallic look,
And you can choose your style right out of a book.
So you think this poem's a bit sarcastic?
No, after all, let us be more realistic,
Though the remover always makes my eyes burn,
I can barely wait until it's my turn.

©May 09, 2007 Mary E. Adair

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