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Where Was 'Me'

By Mary E. Adair

Standing alone on the sandy hill
Pushing my thoughts out by sheer will,
Feeling the breeze that came each eve,
Trying in myself to believe.
I'd reached that point far from home,
Wondering if now I'd ceased to roam.
Was this to be the life for me
Or somewhere beyond what I could see.
Somehow I felt misplaced, nearly lost
Arriving there after great personal cost,
Not only the child who had winged away
But somehow it felt, I, too, had gone astray.
The days were busily filled it's true,
Sometimes exciting, always plenty to do,
Yet I felt the road I'd chosen this time
Made little sense, didn't make my heart chime.
When dusk would fall, and supper was laid by,
Within my heart, lonely tears I'd cry.
There had to be more, a purpose to find,
The pain of uncertainty filled my mind.
I don't remember, to this day,
What really happened to change the way,
Why we suddenly packed up and left that place--
Midst bitter words but no tears on my face.
Friends helped us move to our next house,
I went along, quiet as a mouse--
My ego was just beginning to wane;
Soon it'd be gone, leaving only pain--
This wasn't the move I'd dreamed I'd see,
Just another step on the path back to Me.

©May 24, 2007 Mary E. Adair

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