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We're Here With You

By Bud Lemire

Release the barriers, you’ve known so long to hold
Forget much of everything you’ve been told
Look within yourself, see what is there
Feel your Spiritual Gift, when you become aware

You are not alone on this journey you take
Never should you worry, never should you ache
For we are here with you, and we listen well
You keep nothing from us, your thoughts always tell

When your path leads you to a place that is new
We send you our thoughts, so you’ll know what to do
Never for a moment, are you alone
There’s always someone guiding you, on your journey home

Spirit Guides and Angels, Family and Friends who’ve passed
All are in your company, all you have to do is ask
Watching over you, as you move ahead
Guiding you along, to the places where you’re led

You can be anywhere, lead yourself to that place
And know that the spirits help you to face
You control your destiny, you’re not alone
We’re Here With You, to guide you safely Home

©May 31, 2007 Bud Lemire

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Reader Comments

Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Bud, I only learned about Spirit Guides a few weeks ago (from some neo-pagan friends). And here's a reference to them in your sensitive and kindly poem. Thanks for returning to Pencil Stubs.



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