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By Mary E. Adair

March 2008

Welcome to the ezine, especially if this is your first visit, you're in for a treat! We started our eleventh year online thanks in large part to our webmaster Michael Craner who first suggested we go to this venue when your editor was at a standstill with real time publication of Hobbies, Etc. Hobbies went to 42 of our USA states including Hawaii and Alaska, and to six other countries around the globe. Craner had been one of our authors and we valued his advice. (Still do!) So here we are!

This month John I. Blair submitted his poetry with his theme of "people." He then leads off with a tribute to his father, "Clarence." It is touching and his dad's unique qualities probably played a large part in helping John have a "seeing" eye, observing things many of us ignore, or simply never notice and around such, he weaves his words. Other poems in his "people list" are: "Kinda Linda," "Cypress Hearts," "Nail-Paring Moon," "Exotica," and one your editor can really relate to currently, "Hi, I Can't Remember Your Name Either."

Bruce Clifford, a song writer and performer, sings a few songs to us beginning with "Dot Com." "Notorious," "The Journey Home," "The Psychological Effects," "The Very Best Part of You," and the musical question, "What's Going On in Your Head" round out the list.

LC Van Savage ponders in her column "Consider This" the hidden mystique of 'Mazes,Aisles And Visual Interest.'

Leo C. Helmer observes the tradition of eating during Lent so you don't break any rules in "Cookin' With Leo." His "Great Jobs Chapter 16 - Job Advancements But Not Good" gives a comical look at what could have turned out quite seriously. Another article discusses "Corporate Greed" making points you may want to add to your info file. Then on to entertainment as he offers an update to upcoming events for The Light Crust Doughboys.

Dave Francis touches on how to intrigue Search Engines in "Dave's Here." Eric Shackle's Column tells about an artist whose work borders on illusionist technique. Thomas F. O'Neill ("Introspective") adds the tale of a homeless man who is able to turn his life around with the love of a good woman.

Mattie Lennon's column, "Irish Eyes" delves into the origin and progress of Gaelic athletic competitions that are coming to New York. In "Thinking Out Loud," Gerard Meister reminds us that our youngsters are not into learning to think, just to use pc's and other mechanical gadgets.

Hard to realize that when this month is in the history books, a fourth of our brand new year of 2008 will have passed. We plan to make the time as productive as possible and wish each of you a merry Shamrock Day, a joyous Easter, and time to enjoy reading not just this issue but some of the things from our past issues. You can access previous work of any author by clicking their byline, so we hope you will avail yourself of the opportunity.

See you in April!

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