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By Mary E. Adair

April 2008

This column has to begin with a laugh today because after all it is coming out on April Fool's Day! As hard as your editor tried, nothing could move publication back before midnight, so go ahead, laugh.

There are lots of things in this issue to make you smile, at least, beginning with John I. Blair's seven contributions of poetry, one of which includes tributes to various ones of his acquaintance by name. His other six poems are also for, of, and about felines but even non-cat-lovers should find a few chuckles to share. Begin with "A Celebration of Cats," "Alexander’s Golden Fleece," and on to "For Bobby," "Maaaaa!" "The Watchers," and wind down with "Cat Pan Contemplation," then "What" for an exit line of the collection. Thank you, John.

Bruce Clifford stays busy but did submit two of his songs for this issue, "Could It Be" and "I'm Sorry That I Love You." We include two poems by Mark Crocker, as well: "The Gift" and "Always The Same." Appreciate you guys!

Three more poems can be found with M.J. Mansfield's sensual "Spire of Dreamers," Earl W. Crowson's "Beautiful Breakfast," and your editor's "Coffee Thoughts." Each of these verses are more reflective musings, if you will, as Spring Fever season springs around the corner.

Along with Spring, our columnists are bursting forth with light-hearted offerings. An amazing tale is presented in the "Mail Bag" column while LC Van Savage does a complaint in her column," Consider This," but in her ever delightful manner, and her article, "Your Toothbrush And Its History" will help you smile with cleaner teeth.

Leo C. Helmer breaks with tradition with a true tongue in cheek explanation for his "Cookin' With Leo" and relates some more of his occasionally humorous working career in the article "Great Jobs 17-Other Jobs A Few Bad Ones And Then Good." Be sure to check the Doughboys update if you, as he is, are a fan of Country Music and/or Western Swing.

Gerard Meister ("Thinking Out Loud") regales us with an account of retirement living, while "Eric Shackle's Column" authored by its namesake lifts our thoughts with a noble mission.

Our budding magazine publisher, David Francis, appears ready to bloom with his success and shares some thoughts toward that in "Dave's Here!" Thomas F. O'Neill ("Introspective") is in his research mode for April and shares some notes on "Electro Magnetic Experiments and Neuro-Science." No April Fool jokes here, all serious. However, "Irish Eyes" raises our banter level with a riddle at the close of Mattie Lennon's information on the potatoes which many identify with Ireland. Great reading, Mattie!

By the way, Mattie is looking for the words of a recitation, "Maloney's (or possibly Mahony's) Fenian Cat." If you can help him with this, here is how to contact him:

Mattie Lennon

All together you have some fine moments ahead as you browse the ezine. May it lift your spirits and bless your day!

See you next month!

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