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Coffee Thoughts

By Mary E. Adair

We all like our beverage
First thing every morn
Black coffee was my first one
After I was born.

Still, as we grow older
We hear the advice
To cut back on coffee -
For our health it's not nice.

So that makes each swallow
More precious, it seems,
And I like a mugful
When my day's short on dreams.

So while we are savoring
Each single cup,
If the bottom's full of dregs,
Do we still drink it up?

Or if we really desire more,
Should we not stop -
Get busy and brew new coffee,
Fill our cup to the top?

I know what I do,
But each sipper has a choice
And far be it from me
To silence their voice,

For Life comes at us
The very same way -
Little choices to make
Throughout every day -

So then the big question
I have for you and me,
Is, do we keep it all fresh
And fill our day with glee -

Enjoy every moment anew,
As if it were our last -
Or do we muddle along
With our troubles from the Past?

©April 2008 Mary E. Adair

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: Mary, I like this poem! It finds philosophy in one of the little details of daily life. I think that's often the very best philosophy. John



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