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My Hair

By Mary E. Adair

When you have hair that grows extremely fast,
Without frequent trims, a short 'do' doesn't last.
Though thinking back each time I've been a bride
The hairdo's been short and stylish from each side.

But after the rice had been swept from the sill
Just being together was the main thrill,
First hubby preferred long hair on his wife
And mentioning cutting raised lots of strife

So long it grew, past my hips back then
Heavy, hot, straight--I remember when.
So after we parted, the first thing I did
Was cut it so short my ears weren't hid.

Along came hubby two who loved my hair
Perhaps because his head was mostly bare
But however I wanted it, was okay with him
So I let it grow long upon my own whim.

When I joined State Guard it was down mid-back
And grabbing the scissors I began to hack
Sooner or later the beautician took a hand
So it shaped up nicely to travel the land

After ten years I folded the uniform away
And began letting my hair grow that very same day.
When 'Big' hair was in, I had some to share
And long and full is how I wore my hair.

I kept thinking as I grew older each year
I needed to go short, but had this fear
That I'd look like a pinhead on top
So I told my self that thinking must stop

This summer I finally made up my mind
With storm after storm blowing sand from behind
My hair would plaster around my face
And even for breathing, I needed more space.

So it's short again! Really short this time
A sudden decision without reason or rhyme
I think now I like it, but who's to say
Whether I'll like it day after day.

Sometimes I think it's the only way I change
Though opportunities come in a wide enough range
Something so personal, so 'how you see you,'
Is easy to vary with a fancy hairdo.

04/30/08 Mary E. Adair

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Reader Comments

Name: Blake Bostick Email:
Comment: I have enjoyed this poem...Seems brave to me, there is no way i would have my hair cut beyond what I currently have. My hair is my legacy. OH LORD! Does this mean I have no life? Your poem is very good. I wish to hear some more. Blake



Name: Bruce Email:
Comment: Very creative and how the pictures fit in is just wonderful Bruce



Name: Jay Email:
Comment: I love it!!!...been thru some hair myself :)



Name: Monica Email:
Comment: I love it...Being in the industry for 23 years, I am the one who cuts it, colors it, perms it, straightens it and anything else needed at the moment. Women are never afraid to try something new with their hair, men on the other hand want it to look as if nothing had been done.....



Name: Melinda Email:
Comment: Sis, I LOVE it -- the poem and the hair. Why don't you send me some of those photos you have scanned in? Love you! M



Name: Mary Ann Email:
Comment: Wonderful Mary....I also could tell a tail of long to short from straight to curly and back to straight! and pretty much everything in between and the color changed a few times too!!! Have a great day!



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