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By Mary E. Adair

July 2008

The Fourth of July! What fabulous celebrations will be held this year! Having witnessed the New Year Celebration held in St. Louis at the Arch when the Millenium rolled in, and knowing that displays have evolved creatively, one simply can't imagine this "Fourth." That one was held at midnight, of course, and all the fireworks had been ensconced upon a barge within the Arch area of the great Mississippi River to guarantee no grassfire in the immediate vicinity of the huge supply of rockets, etc.

One guest author, David Van Os, defines the date and its ideals which are currently endangered. Another author commemorates the holiday, John I. Blair with his poem, "The Fourth of July at Grandpa's House." He also read it in a special Sunday session at his church in the Dallas area, where it was well-received. His other works this month are: "Great Uncle Sid," "I'm A Carbon-based Life Form," "Burying Aunt Bill," "Elms," and "Beelzebub." The other poem, a bit of musing by your editor, is "Weathering Whether." The second word in the title is not a typo.

Bruce Clifford's poem titles are: "Top of Mind," "Running Around," "Forever," and "Down The Hatch." His poetry/song lyrics vary from thoughtful to semi -resignation - and both moods can define his article, "My Views of This Non-Recession." He does suggest somewhat of a gameplan to end the current dilemna while recognizing only the leaders can effect it.

Thomas F. O'Neill offers his study of Quantum Physics as it applies to living the altruistic lifestyle in his column "Introspective."

LC Van Savage confides another tale of her upbringing, listing the no-no's of conversation during what seems to be only a short while ago. Her article expresses her viewpoint, likely shared by many, in "Being Green and Loving Ed Begley."

Eric Shackle's Column holds forth on a subject dear to his heart and intellectual vocation, doing anagrams, while his article lists some of the competitors and rules for a June contest held in Europe, "Slinging Limes from A Purple Bra." As always, Eric holds your attention with his factual and entertaining reports.

Dave Francis, back with "Dave's Here!" analyzes his on-going adventure into magazine publication in the real world, and the multitude of skills and pieces of equipment required. He shares tips on making choices and streamlining tasks, not the least of which is selective delegation of same.

Gerard Meister raises your consciousness concerning the situation surrounding stocks, i.e. the buying and selling thereof and a better commodity. Thank you, Gerard.

Mattie Lennon opens his journal for us and one has only to read the entries to realize our columnist leads a busy life. Ireland is fortunate to call him their own, for he extols those land o'green happenings with dedication.

If you despair of really tasty food in this heat, don't miss "Cookin' With Leo" where Helmer graciously passes on a cherished summertime grilling recipe 'nearly' as good as the long simmering chili's he loves preparing. You will be adding "Chili Burgers" to your own recipe file. While you munch away on them, cast an eye to his article "Good Jobs 20-Good Moves," and enjoy another tale or two from his trucking days.

Robert Beaty aka pbobby, one of our formerly regular columnists was recently widowed and his tribute to his beloved wife can be found in the article, "Angela Was Her Name." Your editor, having met the couple, can attest to his sentiments, for she will be missed by many.

Such losses remind again how vitally important it is to be around the family you love while there are yet days to spend together. The family reunion for your editor's descendant's took place in June at Lake Lavon, Texas.

This little slideshow offers a glimpse, and the album link allows one to see the pictures individually with their captions, or as an album page, thanks to Picasso, one of the features offered with Google Mail.

Simply click this photo to access the album with captions.


See you in August!

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