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Weathering Whether

By Mary E. Adair

Just as the Snow accumulates on the hills,
Cloaking the rocks, the banks, the rills,
So does experience enrich our life
Building our path with both laughter and strife.

Then comes the stillness when Winter holds sway
And our tasks barely change from day to day.
Yet Snow is really storing water for Spring,
And all of the growing bright weather will bring.

Just as we pattern ourselves to endure,
Our roots reminding us to keep our hearts pure,
The long fallow season prepares for the blooms
As Summer hastens the seeds from their tombs.

The snow-melts, blending with rain from the sky,
Flow on to the heartlands so the land won't die,
And moisture is the key, that shares wealth,
To bring to the plants succor and health.

Then excess water settles into ponds or a lake,
As we settle into the lives that we make.
Then the Sun comes turning water to vapor
Like we condense activities as our lives taper.

Then wending aloft, the mists will rise
And form lovely clouds in the distant skies;
Thus shall our spirits flow toward the Son,
For our lives are not over, just barely begun.

©June 27, 2008 Mary E. Adair

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Reader Comments

Name: Robert Beaty Email:
Comment: God has blessed us all with Mary as her spirit dances out into our lives again from what He planted in her at inception. We will all now be able to weather more of life's foibles because of her sharing.



Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: What a rich, complete comparison of the year's seasons and cycles to life's seasons and cycles! Humans have found solace for millenia in Nature. Thanks for sharing.



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