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By Mary E. Adair

August 2008

Big Confession!

Remember playing that schoolyard game 'Red Rover' where two lines of kids lined up facing each other about 15 yards or less apart, holding hands within the lines, and screamed out

Red Rover, Red Rover
Let Dinky come over

then poor Dinky or whomever was called ran with all his/her might and tried to bust through some weaker link in the chain of the other side. This game was fraught with consequences. Either you worried your name would never be called thus implying no one knew you or your name, or worried if they did, you'd never reach the other side in one piece, and even if you did, you'd never break through the line and forevermore be known as the weakling Dinky. Of course you might even rebound off the line and be stumbling backwards trying to maintain your balance just as the bell rang signaling end of recess time and all would rush past you or over you, as the case may be. How I dreaded that game.

Now comes the confession part: to me politics is much like 'Red Rover.' Nonetheless, in a supreme effort to be timely, this issue carries two Editorials, each espousing the viewpoint of opposite factions in Politics, and possibly hidden nuances yours truly totally missed. You can click on the byline of the "Why I'm A Yellow Dog Democrat" and see other articles by the author Thomas P. Love. The other side which consists of "An Open Letter to Senator Barack Hussein Obama" by Leon A. Weinstein has been published several other places. It has thus been responded to in many of those places including this link you can check out if you desire: a response to the letter by Weinstein.

With that out of the way, one moves forward to the other articles found this month:

    "Country Rocks!!!" by L.C. Van Savage whose column "Consider This" reflects on "Kissing."
    E. Shackle also offers both article and column pieces where the subject of hurling pumpkins or fighting bedbugs launch his information.
    The next chapter in the series about Helmer's various careers, entitled "Great Jobs 21-Stupid Moves" is found as an article while his column, "Cookin' With Leo" serves up a delicious summertime treat.
    Having a large family, many members who write expressively, comes in handy, and this month Blake Bostick is not only a great nephew, but the guest columnist discussing "Baby Steps to Leaving Home." Blake is now serving in Korea, and is slated to go to Iraq in January.
    "Irish Eyes," from our Dublin based columnist Mattie Lennon always entertains and this column discusses the Irish version of social security, or old age pensions, managing a laugh or two in the telling.
    Gerard Meister in "Thinking Out Loud" shows how even a casual excursion can aide one in deep decisions.
    David Francis, discusses measures to prevent disaster when your pc crashes in "Dave's Here!"
    "Introspective" by Thomas F. O'Neil presents, with some trepidation, a series of events in his hometown, using excerpts from local and area news sources, one of which is quoting his father, the mayor. Though shocking, this type incident is occurring in other states also, and is an extreme example of lack of respect for 'persons, property, and things' - such 'respect' was part of the training children received when your editor was growing up.
    Mail Bag is not to be missed - you will be intrigued and possibly delighted by the contents which include three collected emails.

Our mail also yielded a cute poem, and that can be found in the poetry section, "The Online Addiction Poem."

John I. Blair occasionally unleashes his romantic nature, and here is one of the more sensuous results, "Let Me Smell Your Skin Again" and the shyly passionate "Wheatmeal Cookies." Not far behind is "Thanksgiving Highway" with a quiet lesson in the last line. Being both birdwatcher and poet has treated readers many times and "Sanderlings" paints a pretty picture while "Plainsong" sketches another. "Digging in The Dirt" offers a glimpse into his logic.

Bruce Clifford's poetry for August question "The Things We Ought To Know" and what he is doing in someone else's sleeptime with "Deep Inside Your Dreams." Everything should turn out all right because he is "Setting The Code to Three."

Give the authors some feedback as all thrive on that. Keep cool and look for us next month!

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