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For Leo

By Mary E. Adair

A pod of whales might for you sing;
A swift of swallows take to wing,
A gaggle of geese shall follow along,
And a pride of lions do no wrong.
A school of fish, upriver may swim,
And a flock of sheep stray to the rim;
A pack of wolves stay under cover,
And a murder of crows fly up and over.
A covey of quail may cross your trail,
And a gross of grackles, off – key rail;
A herd of ponies thunder past--
But my love for you will always last.

A jury of blackbirds will perch in a line,
A clutch of baby chicks follow Mom to dine,
A hutch of hares hop haphazardly by
And a ketch of trout shall sizzle and fry;
A nest of robins might dream of worms
As a squiggle of snakes practice their squirms;
A keep of cabritos will bleat baaa’s at dawn
As a billow of sparrows alight on the lawn;
A wave of fingerlings all seek to hide
As a cloud of flamingoes begins to glide;
A medley of meadowlarks strut ‘cross the grass--
But my love for you will never pass.

©August 19, 2008 Mary E Adair

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Name: John I. Blair Email:
Comment: What a wonderful love poem! You brightened my evening more than the moon and the stars. Thanks for sharing.



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