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By Mary E. Adair

September 2008

Labor Day was a beautiful clear day in our area of Texas, but one could feel quite guilty enjoying it with the danger lurking to the Louisiana coast. Hurricanes can be quite the dampener, no pun intended. Bruce Clifford penned a verse back in 2004 ("The Last Storm," Oct issue) of his feelings regarding such storms and it is carried as a reminder this month. His other poetry is "Top of Mind," "The Promise," "Behave," and "Distance."

John Blair submitted some of his earlier poetry, going back to 2006, but it is carried here for the first time: "Egret Light," "Holy Land," "It Was A Surprise To Me," "Living On The Surface," "The Poisoned Well," and the delightful "Planting Radishes." Mattie Lennon submitted a poem by John Sheahan, who resides in Dublin as does Lennon. It is a tribute to another Irishman, "Ronnie." Your editor has included two of her poems, "Awareness" and one "For Leo."

Only two articles for September but you won't want to miss the next chapter of Helmer's "Great Jobs" series - "New Jobs And Ventures I Never Dreamed Of." And "Mirrors" by LC Van Savage will cause you to examine your own feelings on the subject.

LC Van Savage's column "Consider This," may give you even more to discuss. She has a distinct way of hitting the nail on the head.

"Introspective" by Thomas F. O'Neill, returns to the ongoing shock in his hometown of Pennsylvania, with some suggestions for the needed healing. "Thinking Out Loud" will lighten your heart as Gerard shares some of his 'open ' calls.

Mattie Lennon's "Irish Eyes," is mostly about the late and famous author John B. Keane. It blends respect with information and let's the subject's humor shine forth. It closes with a song by Mattie himself to honor Keane.

Eric Shackle clues us in on the oldest Bloggers known, and the particularly celebrated Ivy Bean in "Eric Shackle's Column."

"Mail Bag" addresses school and student behavior and likely will surprise you with the extent of some solutions. There are other emails included which hit the honor roll with us. Enjoy!

Maybe because the aroma of supper is drifting through the house, it has been difficult to leave Leo C. Helmer's column "Cookin' With Leo" to the last. Perhaps his ingredients this issue will be novel to you as they were to me, but wow! He knows how to meld them deliciously.

Give the authors some feedback as all thrive on that. Keep cool and look for us next month!

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