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By Mary E. Adair

November 2008

Welcome to one of the best months of the year! Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the elections are almost settled. Snow may be flying in your area when you read this as some have already gotten their first storm in October.

This issue definitely has the flavor of winter, with the contents shivering down to basics. The dozen of poems include two by yours truly, "Buzz Word" and "Wake Up!" John I. Blair's work is a full half of the total with "Garfield University," "Eternity at The Sonic Drive-In," "In My Dream," "Soft Feathers," "Sue," and "Florence." They run the gamut from nostalgic history to an impressionistic view while getting fast food, and you can always count on Blair to tweak your interest in his subject.

Bruce Clifford, our song-writing poet shares the lyrics of three new compositions, "The Last Tear," "Covering All The Bases," and "Live and Let Live." Mark Crocker shows what is in his heart with the news of his daughter's first child, "Mother of My Grandchild Yet to Be." Both poignant and wistful, and steeped in pride.

The articles include Helmer's next chapter in his series on Great Jobs, "New Ventures I Never Dreamed Of." He also has a tribute to Hank Thompson in the Western Swing Personalities article for November. LC Van Savage makes her topic memories in "Like The Shadows of My Mind."

Your editor's daughter works for Armstrong Cabinets in the Dallas Texas area, and the branch there is joining in the celebration for their employee Larry Branigan. Don't miss "Cancer Survivor Branigan Completes Ironman Triathlon." You will be inspired.

Our regular columnists Gerard Meister and David Francis are missing this month. This is a busy time of year for many, but LC Van Savage discusses a must do in her column, "Consider This." The author of "Introspective" Thomas F. O'Neill, states his viewpoint after much study and research on some of the older Biblical chapters. Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo") brings us a treat with his Thanksgiving dessert idea which sounds fabulous and healthy.

F.R. Shirer sent an email which shows up in "Mail Bag" and is quite intriguing. What your personal belief is, is for you to decide, but the email offers some interesting suggestions about having "Faith." Thanks, Frank.

Mattie Lennon helped plan the recent trip to New York of over a hundred sturdy Irishmen who came to play against a New York team of firefighters in the sport they call football, which west Texans call rugby. "Irish Eyes" gives the contest results along with the other activities enjoyed while in the states.

"Eric Shackle's Column" does'nt have the usual spectacular pics this time, but does include several links to expand the viewer's pleasure. This column contains material previously published by Shackle on the website of a Japanese online magazine, Oh My News.. the English version is published daily, but as the author, he sends his work to other ezines like Pencil Stubs Online.

Next issue we will expect some focus on the Christmas and Hannukah holidays. Perhaps you have a poem or a favorite story you've written that would enhance our pages. If so, please do submit for consideration. As always, we do not pay nor do we charge to publish.

See you next month!

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