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Wake Up!

By Mary E. Adair

Wake up, Folks, it's a jungle out there,
There's nothing civilized, and nothing fair--

Predators are ready, with fangs bared
And the less brave line up so spoils are shared--

We're speaking not of politics now,
But the results for which no one will bow--

The Whale of Wall Street opened its door
To wily investors--Sharks flood the floor--

The Gnu buyers who run as a herd
Were destructively swayed by rumor's word--

Elephant bankers' tusks went plastic,
And the Rhino morgages, elastic,

Snapping and breaking, shredding their band,
Spreading desolation across the land.

House Orangutans posture and roar,
While some Apes of the Senate seek to soar--

But none of these have true wings to fly,
As we will surely find out, bye and bye.

Meanwhile the Hyenas crowd around--
Commentators, reporters--shrieking sound--

Trying the 'news' to pick from the dead,
The smaller prey who were lulled not to dread

While the Insurance Sloths did slather
Balm on some wounds, but with lots of blather;

Growing bigger and fatter, it's true,
Reaping their sustenance from Sheep like you.

Elephants trampled our sacred ground--
Neither Apes nor Hyenas sniffed around,

'Til only dust remained of the wealth,
And the Bulls and the Bears feared for their health--

So wake up, Folks, 'fore the jungle's swamped,
Leaving foreign 'Gators, when we get 'whomped,'

Making 'amoebae' out of we Sheep,
Because we've all gotten in way too deep.

10/05/08 Mary E. Adair

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