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By Mary E. Adair

December 2008

Not the coldest month in the year, but one in which we expect many things from the celebrations of Hannukah and Christmas to personal anniversaries and birthdays, making it one of the busiest of all the year.

Mark Crocker shares his grief over the loss of his daughter's first child-to-be, and has written a moving poem for her, "Such Deep Sorrow." Another loss of many years ago was shaping up in "Cremation" written the year of your editor's divorce. She adds a more cheerful verse with "Along Avatar Avenue." Phillip Hennessy sends the winter poem, "Cold Love." He is the type poet who only needs a title to spur his work, inspiration, if you will. Thank you, Phil.

Bruce Clifford, who is a song writer, has four poems, "You Can't Believe," "Shadow of the Tale," "I Can't Remember," and "Free The Moment." The latter is the most hopeful of the group, as the others are about facing changing circumstances. Sometimes the best songs are the melancholy ones. Thank you, Bruce.

John I. Blair, who has recently faced a true challenge, verbalizes it in "Lump In My Throat," and goes on with a brighter outlook in "Hey There Gracie!" and "Vanishing Point." His "Joe's Rat" is an example of the poetic form called villanelle, and though he apologizes about his effort, it is well done. "Cornered" and "November Garden" are his other two for December. Blair takes on many verse styles, as he is entranced by the art of poetry. Click his name below the title on any of his poems and you will see how prolific his talent is. You are appreciated, John.

LC Van Savage, whose column is "Consider This," has an article for us, "Veteran's Day 2008." LC handles the range from laughter to poignancy with an expert touch.

The articles include Helmer's final chapter "Other Useful Jobs" in his series on Great Jobs. His Western Swing Personalities article reveals the contribution to Western Music made by Wade Ray.

Our regular columnist Gerard Meister is taking a sabatical for a month. We're looking forward to his return. Leo C. Helmer ("Cookin' With Leo") brings us a treat with his Soft Pretzels which sound wonderful for anytime.

"Mail Bag" contains three pieces offering diversity so at least one subject should appeal to you.

Mattie Lennon (Irish Eyes) and Thomas O'Neill, (Introspective) mull the lessons of the past year, and list their highlights of 2008.

"Eric Shackle's Column" tells the extraordinary stories of two autistic men, who also have other health problems. One of them is the central person in "The Rain Man." Shackle's article also admonishes us to "Spare a Thought for the Pigeons."

Perhaps you have a poem or a favorite story you've written that would enhance our pages. If so, please do submit for consideration. As always, we do not pay nor do we charge to publish.

Our comment facility is temporarily under construction so if you wish to compliment an author, you may click their name and send an email if they have their address listed. If not, you may send your comments to and they will be sent on to them.

On a personal note, December 12, 2008, our nephew, Blake Bostick, is to be deployed with his Army unit to Iraq. Please extend your prayers for the safety of Blake and his company, in addition to prayers for the prompt end of this war and a unifying force for the Middle East countries. Pray for each of our combatants in all areas of the world. May balance be restored in that area of the world, that will provide a means for peace efforts to succeed.
God's will be done. Amen

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