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Along Avatar Avenue

By Mary E. Adair

Jogging along Avatar Avenue
I rounded a gentle bend
And glimpsed a majestic stand of trees--
A trail through which did wend.

Having time to spare I altered my course,
Thus choosing the shady trail,
And listened to some hidden birds calling
And smiled at a tiny quail.

Slowly the path twisted upon its way
So my jog changed to a stroll
Appreciating the dappled sunlight
That shed light upon my soul.

Other trails encountered the path I trod,
The route exceedingly clear,
My anticipation began to grow
For surely trail's end was near.

Many steps had smoothed and leveled the stumps,
So feature my great surprise
When right in the middle, looming ahead
An ancient tree's bulk did rise.

Yet curiosity drew me along
For no details could I see,
But when I grew near, just guess my delight
As the path led to the tree.

I caught my breath and smiled so happily
To see the door on its side.
The towering dwelling drew me to it,
Much as grooms beckon their bride.

Oh! Such a sense of sincere completion
As its branches welcomed me.
Then once within, other seekers I found
Whose community I see.

Many diverse chambers promise comfort,
While fairies giggle in glee;
Serenity can also be shared here,
If a guest voices that plea.

So often I'll visit these premises,
Slipping in like a small mouse,
To enjoy companionship all can find
Within the gracious Tree House.

©Nov 19, 2008 Mary E. Adair

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