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By Mary E. Adair


Greetings from your editor! This month brings us one new writer, Frederic Anderson aka OneFeather, who presents us with the Story, "Spring" which he illustrated. He also provided three poems: "The Counselor" based on a biblical tale; "He She" which though written like a love poem, is described by Anderson as being "the awakening of kundalini and the union of self;" and "Love has Left" in which he offers "an observation on the mortality of a relationship and the awakening of forgiveness…"

Your editor adds one verse penned as a compliment to M.J. Mansfield on his two poems shown here in February, "For Our Rhyming Man." Bruce Clifford, our song composing poet has come up with the following: "The Heart of the Sea," "Is This The Start," "Crashing Down On Me," and "Whatever Makes You Happy."

John I. Blair goes humorous with his "False Petals," a bit of a departure, (no pun intended, John.) He also brings some Springtime memories with "At Spider Lily Time," "Trout Fishermen," and "Fireflies." "In The Salt Marsh" and "My Worldarium" are also nature poems.

Columnists for April are:

    LC Van Savage with "Consider This."
    Leo C. Helmer and "Cookin' With Leo."
    Eric Shackle in "Eric Shackle's Column" features 'Grandma's Marriage Shocked Folks.'
    Thomas F. O'Neill discusses 'Spirituality and the Brain' in "Introspective."
    Mattie Lennon, "Irish Eyes," guides us to the latest nostalgic literature in Ireland with 'Beneath The Poulaphuca Reservoir' and 'Buses, Trains And Gaelic Games.'
    The Mail Bag displays a rather amazing photograph from 1918, from an email Lennon sent.
    Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud" charms us with his second sunrise in a day tale.

LC Van Savage entertains us with the article "She Wants T'be Loved By You, and Eric Shackle brightens his article "Public Pianos Strike Right Note" with glimpses that recall that old saw, "a picture is worth a thousand words."

If you would like to see your compositions within this international format, please do submit for consideration. As always, we do not pay nor do we charge to publish, and we are happy to carefully consider what is received.

See you next month!

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