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By Mary E. Adair

To salve with sympathy, ceremony, and song,
The souls of those whose hearts are full of sorrow;
Remembering loved ones who have gone along
The pathway to Heaven's graceful bower.

The sharing of grief and of remembrances
So often leads to a lifting of the pain
While trying 'not to talk about'
Sadly enhances it - bringing tears again.

So try finding those who have shouldered
Such burdens to the spirit's song
And learned through listening carefully
To nurture and make themselves strong.

So many find it difficult to say words
That will comfort the bereaved
For during the transition period
Not much can be believed.

Hearts hammer against the hollowness
That losing a loved one brings
And even the best meant phrase will often
Be the very one which stings

So simply admitting that there's no way
To grasp what they're going through
And offering some practical chore to take
Might be the most caring thing to do.

©February 28, 2009 Mary E. Adair

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