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For Our Rhyming Man

By Mary E. Adair

(Comment to FireEagle on his February poems)

I liked them both well enough that
they encored in Pencil Stubs for February.
Essentially the second one is the epitome of daddy-hood
while the first is deep and scary.
The important message to the Eagle
are these words spoken from my heart,
Never stop letting the verses flow forth
though some strike like a dart--
For you wring the pathos from words like fire
and they blaze across the page
The world needs a poet who isn't afraid
to speak out in this troubled age
And let the sparks ignite the passion
for improving whatever however we can
Bravo dear Friend for speaking your mind
and endearing yourself as our "Rhyming Man."

2/13/09 Mary E. Adair aka LEGS

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