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By Mary E. Adair


Family and friend birthdays abound this month! (Even your editor was born in May.) Happily, the weather seems to be moderating even as we post this and though tornado season is far from over one must be optimistic that knowing and following certain basic safety rules will protect themselves and their families. Snow of course is another problem altogether and those who prefer snow skiing to the water variety were blessed with the white stuff abundantly during April, particularly in New Mexico and Colorado.

Speaking of safety, the television, radio, and cell phone alerts have been full of the Swine Flu worries. In our own way we choose to address some of the concerns with a mail bag receipt from those who prefer alternative health methods. There is some good basic advice and a wide choice of simple to exotic sounding vitamins, but we urge anyone who feels they HAVE the stuff not to mess around at home since it could just spread and worsen. See the Doctor your area officials advise. Quickly.

The article that tops the Table of Contents list is "Australia's Funniest Ghost Writer," by Eric Shackle. Do read the article, it is informative, but this editor would mention that 'the ghost writer' should work up a TV show featuring Oscar to openly shock and point out foibles of and to the public much as Archie Bunker did in America in the nineties. The gasp of indignity is often the purest expression shared by many people.

Were it not for our wonderful poet John I. Blair, this issue would be rhymeless save for these three poems:

    The Story of Mike and Stanley, a pictorial free verse which happens to be true. Thank you, Mike.
    "You Never Told Me" by Bruce Clifford who was much too busy recuperating following surgery for the creative mode.
    "Everything Happens" by yours truly relating the recent adventurous Nuclear Stress Testing episode, also true.

Therefore Blair's seven poems have saved the day with a full scale of feelings in store for the reader. First he offers "4 Acres, Avail." a compassionate observation of a certain property listing, then "Beau Petit Salon," "Plum Beautiful," and "Snow Globe" in a lighter vein are followed by "OakHeart" - inducing a reflective, nostalgic mood. "Ostara" brings a contemplative quality paired with "Word Just In" which combines sympathy with self evaluation and gratitude.

Columnists for May are:

    LC Van Savage with "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer and "Cookin' With Leo"
    Eric Shackle in "Eric Shackle's Column" features 'Hell's Gate' and other bridges
    Thomas F. O'Neill reveals his sparkling opportunity and future plans in "Introspective"
    Mattie Lennon, "Irish Eyes," informs us about casting and CAST
    The Mail Bag contents came just in time to serve as our personal focus for Memorial Day, which comes the last Monday of May, falling on the 23rd this year. Don't miss this impressive set of pictures and comments by a military officer.
    Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud" rounds out the list.

Since your editor and the cooking editor Leo C. Helmer will be traveling over the end of May into the second week of June, the next issue released will be a combination for June/July and should be out the 1rst of July. If you're an author don't wait until the end of June to send in what you want published, get it in promptly. Here's looking forward to a well rounded publication for that period. As always, we do not pay nor do we charge to publish, and we are happy to carefully consider what is received.

See you in July!

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