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By Mary E. Adair

June and July

Dear Readers: A combined issue is a big headache and we may never try to do this again. However, this has given more time to add some off the cuff info gleaned through chat rooms and different forums. One bit of medical conversation when thus:

. . . . BPPV which stands for Benign Positional Paroxzymal Vertigo. Physical Therapy can put one through a series of head positions which at first may increase the vertigo big time. At that point eyes jitter a lot and the therapist can watch them and see when the jittering stops. The cause is tiny crystals that migrate from a portion of the inner ear into the semicircular canals. The head positioning is to rock the crystals out of the canals into a space less harmful, and the patient can be taught how to do the positioning themself.

Vertigo is caused by that condition and having suffered some of it, made this sound like a life saver.

Speaking of suffering, here is a link explaining that Tears can be Healing: 7 Healthy Reasons to Cry ...

Your editor's father passed away on July 1rst, 1996, and as this issue is prepared today the note that would have most interested him was a bulletin from Brownwood where one of his "Bear went over the Mountain" granddaughters lives. Here is the news:

Amateur radio Field Day opens Bulletin Staff Report Brownwood area amateur radio ham operators joined hundreds of thousands of their counterparts around the world Saturday in their annual Field Day, a 24-hour test during which operators attempt to make contact with as many of each other as they can. (Father was a long time ham operator.)

Another note from that report stated: C-130 lands at Brownwood Regional Airport.... A huge C-130 Hercules, a four-engine turboprop plane,dwarfed the ramp at the Brownwood airport Friday afternoon. The plane is assigned to the North Carolina Air Guard. The military has a large presence this month at the airport as the 21st Cavalry Brigade trains an attack helicopter unit from the North Carolina National Guard.

Although it seems west Texas has had more than its share of rain during June, area revelers are still warned that there is a fire ban and fireworks will not be allowed inside any of the cities. Nothing is as heartbreaking as fun celebrations gone awry, and each year homes get burned from errant rockets, 'harmless' fireworks, etc. Please be careful this year.

One patriotic essay from KentuckyMike is about all of our festivity writing for this issue, but the poets have been busy. We are missing John Blair this month because of his wife has been recuperating in rehab. We're happy to hear she is home again. Bruce Clifford submitted the following poems: "After Everything," "Around Me," "Fragmented," "Those Were The Days," "Until We're Gone," and "Why Would You Hurt Me." M.J. Mansfield added "Super Bowl" and "Rockets Red Glare" for us, and your editor rounded up three of her own, "My House," "Sweet Dreams," and "Writing The Column."

Columnists this issue are:

    LC Van Savage with "Consider This"
    Leo C. Helmer and "Cookin' With Leo"
    Eric Shackle in "Eric Shackle's Column"
    Thomas F. O'Neill in "Introspective"
    Mattie Lennon with "Irish Eyes"
    Gerard Meister, "Thinking Out Loud".

Articles include an unusual one from Mattie Lennon, "Healing With The Fishes," another from Eric Shackle about the World's Oldest Dog title that several places claim; a tribute by LC Van Savage "Chester Remembered"; the "Latest on Light Crust Doughboys" by Leo C. Helmer; and the article by Kentucky Mike mentioned above, "The Lady - A Patriotic Essay."

Our family's current genealogist is your editor's baby sister (Melinda Cohenour) who posted the story ("The Fate of Abraham Josselyn aboard Ye Good Fame of New Yorke") this month on our Family Tree at and gives an idea of how much work can be involved in gathering all the facts needed. Thanks, Sis

See you in August!

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