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Sweet Dreams

By Mary E. Adair

There are dreams that sparkle like the Light
And dreams you fear coming in dark of night;
Dreams which whisper what you long to hear
From someone you always thought would be near.

Dreams that take you to a distant land
And dreams that you know You'll never understand.
Dreams to refresh you and dreams that are silly,
Dreams that foretell things or are just willy-nilly.

Dreams with messages you want to come true,
And dreams that are given to only a few.
Dreams which awaken a will to succeed,
And others that are filled with things you need.

Dreams to inspire you and help you be strong
Dreams very short and dreams ever so long.
Dreams you can't recall and those you want to forget
And dreams you'd never share with others, I bet --

But de-cyphering them and finding their truth
Is something I've enjoyed since my youth --
So, all dreams you remember and want to share
Can reveal their meaning, and yes, I care --

I want you to know what message was wrought
And I strive for the truth in each dream I'm brought.
So I'll close this verse with the 'goodbye' that seems
The sincerest I know as I wish you Sweet Dreams.

07/01/2009 Mary E. Adair

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